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Paul Barnicott SLE

Paul Barnicott SLE

Paul Barnicott SLE


Main Phase: Secondary

Paul has been teaching as a Secondary School English teacher for the past 14 years. At present, he works as a Lead Practitioner, Assistant Head of Department, CPD Leader and Lead Teacher for Teacher Support at Hadley Learning Community.

Paul has spearheaded improvements in Teaching & Learning and whole school Staff Development for three years. He feels that forming Teaching and Learning communities and peer coaching is a highly effective way of encouraging teachers to openly talk about teaching in a purposeful manner and to veer away from the more conventionally sanctioned academic practices. In his current posting he has helped to design a well-structured and formative Teaching and Learning programme, in which trained teachers voluntarily assist each other in enhancing their teaching and learning repertoires.

In the past, Paul has worked as the Lead Teacher for Literacy across the Curriculum, where he supported middle and senior leaders in embedding literacy throughout their particular subject areas.


In past collaborations with LEA consultants and national consultants, Paul has worked to completely re-write department’s year 7, 8 and 9 schemes of work in line with National frameworks, new GCSE specifications, APP and now Life without Levels. He has also completely modified his existing school’s English schemes of work and mapped the assessment foci (now a Hadley Learning Community designed assessment format) to allow for more directed lessons and collation of data, aiding in the identification of pupils at risk of failing to fulfil their potential.