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Becky Knight SLE

Becky Knight SLE

Becky Knight SLE

Pupil Premium Review, English/Drama, Attendance, Attachment


Main Phase: Secondary

My field of expertise is - Accredited Pupil Premium Reviewer, Secondary English and Drama, ITT mentoring and salaried route, Attendance, Attachment Awareness (Fairfields TSA), Reconnect (Inspire TSA), English as an Additional Language, Supported two Secondary Schools with Closing the Gap

Having taught in a variety of schools over nineteen years, two previously being in ‘Special Measures’, my belief as Inclusion Specialist Leader of Education is that all students should have access to the curriculum and are given every opportunity to succeed.

My previous school roles range from Head of English and Creative Arts to Director of Sixth form, KS4 and Year 7. Recently, as part of the Extended Leadership Team in my most recent school,  I led on whole school Pupil Premium, whole school Attendance and whole school EAL,whilst mentoring  TeachDirect students.

As an Accredited Pupil Premium Reviewer (Loughborough Teaching Alliance), I have carried out Reviews in schools, as well as supporting two Secondary Schools with Closing the Gap.

In 2016 I was involved in the Northampton planning and organisation of the Attachment Awareness Training with Kate Cairns Association which has led to my current involvement and planning of the Reconnect Initiative programme across Northamptonshire and eventually nationwide.