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Food Safety in Catering Award 17th October 2017
17 Oct - 17 Oct

Food Safety in Catering Award 17th October 2017

Target Audience

This course is open to any teaching or support staff and other food handlers who want to obtain a recognised qualification and learn how food hygiene contributes to food safety, the effects of food-borne illness

This qualification covers the basic principles of food hygiene for any staff who works with and handles food.  The food can be open or packaged and includes drinks Candidates must show understanding of the importance of food hygiene, associated food hazards, good hygiene practice and controls based upon an awareness of food safety. The Food Standards Agency regards these as being important to understanding and maintaining good practice in handling, processing & preparation of safe good.

Course Content & Objectives

  · Preparing, cooking, holding and serving food safely:

         Describe food safety hazards; understand temperature control during food preparation;

         Outline food safety procedures for cooking, chilling and reheating food;

         Describe how to hold and serve food safely. 

· Be able to explain how to behave responsible within food safety procedures:

         State the need for food safety procedures; Outline the principles of record keeping;

          Describe reporting procedures; Review the legal responsibilities of food businesses and handler.

· Outline personal hygiene procedures:

          Importance of appropriate clothing; Effective personal hygiene practices;

          Effective hand washing practices; Importance of illness reporting; Importance of wound dressings.

· How to keep working areas clean and hygienic:

         Methods for cleaning and disinfection; The need for suitable surfaces and equipment;

         Methods of waste disposal; The importance of pest controls.

· How to receive and store food safely:

         Stock rotation; Reducing contamination & temperature control during food storage


Dates & Times

Date: 17th October 2017

Time: 9.00 am — 5.00pm


Programme Fees    £60 — includes all refreshments, examination and registration fees.

Special Offer - If you enrol 2 members of your staff on the course we will only charge £35 for the second delegate.


Venue:   The Priory School, Longden Road, Shrewsbury SY3 9EE

Awarding Body: The Royal Society for Public Health 


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