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Coaching & Mentoring Skills to Empower Continuous Improvement
12 Nov - 12 Nov

Coaching & Mentoring Skills to Empower Continuous Improvement

Coaching & Mentoring Skills to Empower Continuous Improvement for Secondary, Primary and FE Phase

Course aims:

· Assess your own skills, knowledge and behaviours as a coach and mentor

· Explore the purpose of coaching and mentoring within an organisational context

· Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be an effective coach or mentor

· Plan and prepare proposals for effective coaching or mentoring within an organisational context

This course will provide:

· an opportunity to explore and develop coaching skills, including active listening, thought

provoking questioning, and a range of coaching models

· time to consider the characteristics and benefits of a coaching culture

· a focus on strategies to manage change and ways in which coaching can be embedded in policy and process

· a forum in which to discuss and shape strategic direction and implementation

· time to practise coaching skills

· space to reflect on personal development and the potential impact on professional practice

· one to one coaching

Course Dates & Times: 

Session One—14th November 2019 from 3.30—6.30 pm

Session Two - 28th November 2019 from 3.30 to 5.30 pm

Session Three—10th December from 3.30—5.30 pm

Included in the course is a one hour follow up phone call - date to be agreed with the school

Cost: £135 per delegate

Venue:  The Priory School, Longden Road, Shrewsbury SY3 9EE

Facilitator: Jane Martin – Head of Teaching and Learning Enhancement , Shrewsbury Colleges Group

Brief biography

As Head of Teaching and Learning Enhancement, Jane’s experience of working within the Further Education sector includes teaching in the English Department at Shrewsbury College, developing provision as Programme Leader for Education, focusing on staff development and training as an Advanced Practitioner, and working in partnership with colleagues at Edge Hill University as the Course Leader for initial teacher education. 

Investment by the College in promoting a coaching culture was reflected in Jane’s appointment as an Advanced Learning Coach, a role which provided opportunities to embark on research projects, lead conference workshops and contribute to published work.  The successful introduction of curriculum-based Professional Learning Communities at Shrewsbury    College and development of a team of Learning Coaches to support professional development has facilitated the implementation of Peer Review and Lesson Study processes, both of which draw on the principles of coaching and mentoring to inform professional dialogue.


Working in partnership with the Shrewsbury Colleges Group



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